Warranty Coverage

Wharfedale guarantees a comprehensive 5-year warranty on its products, safeguarding them against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions provided herein.

Note: This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

Online Registration

To claim your coverage, register your product at Wharfedale Warranty Registration. While registration is not mandatory, it ensures smoother processing for any potential warranty claims and allows you to stay updated with valuable product information.


The Wharfedale warranty does not extend to:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: This includes any cosmetic damage resulting from regular use, environmental factors, or neglect.

  • Serial Number Issues: Products with removed, altered, or illegible serial numbers are excluded.

  • Unauthorized Purchases: Products not purchased from an authorized Wharfedale dealer or products that were not new upon original purchase, including items sold ‘as is’ or ‘with faults’.

  • Parallel or Gray Market Products: Products not purchased from an Authorized Dealer/Distributor in the claim’s region.

  • Accidental or Misuse Damages: This encompasses damages or faults caused by commercial use, incorrect installation/connection/packaging, misuse, careless operation, or any actions contrary to user instructions.

  • Unsuitable Operation: Equipment operated with unsuitable, inappropriate, or faulty apparatus.

  • Unauthorized Repairs: Repairs, alterations, or modifications executed by parties other than Wharfedale or its authorized service partners.

  • Power and Temperature Issues: Faults related to abnormal or inappropriate power supply voltage, power surges, extreme temperatures, or exposure to unsuitable conditions (heat, water, insects, excessive moisture, etc.).

  • Force Majeure Events: Any events beyond reasonable control, including natural disasters, extreme weather events, war, riot, or public disturbance.

  • Other Uncontrollable Causes: Any other causes beyond the reasonable control of Wharfedale and its Authorized Distributor.

How to Claim

In the event of a warranty claim:

  1. Initiate Your Claim by visiting Wharfedale Warranty Claim and completing the warranty form. After submission, you will receive next steps via email or through the portal.

  2. Follow Instructions sent to you, which may include directions for returning the product. Ensure secure packaging, preferably using the original box, and utilize an insured, trackable courier service when returning items.

  3. Shipping Charges For returns necessitated due to defects identified upon arrival or shipping damage, shipping costs will be covered by Wharfedale or its authorized partners. In instances where no fault is found, return shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.